Regulations of the conference

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These rules set out the terms and conditions of using the website of the CoreDump conference available at and are an integral part of any agreements executed by through the Website.

General provisions

1. Using the Website and the services offered through the Website shall be deemed as approval of these rules (the “Rules”) and the Privacy Policy.

2. All rights to the name of the Website, its graphic and functional concept, as well as rights to all text and graphic elements used on the Website, with the exception of elements provided by third parties (in particular logotypes of partners, media partners, sponsors, partner conferences etc.), are held by and may be used only with the consent (under a license) granted by

3. The legal basis of these Rules is in particular: a) the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997; b) the Act on Provision of Electronic Services of 18 July 2002; c) the Civil Code of 23 April 1964; d) the Act on Consumer Rights of 30 May 2014.

4. In matters related to the use of the Website or participation in the Conference, Users may contact by e-mail, to the following e-mail address: or by phone to: +48 533 600 164 (Justyna Bień).

II. Definitions

For the purpose of these Rules, the following terms shall have meanings ascribed to them below:

1. Website – shall mean the website available at containing information on the Conference and making it possible to register for participation in the Conference as a Participant;

2. – Grzegórzecka 67h/34, 31-559 Kraków, NIP: 6591184910;

3. Conference – shall mean conference under the name CoreDump organised by in Hotel Galaxy (Gęsia 22a St., 31-535 Kraków) on 26-27 November 2018;

4. User – shall mean an adult natural person using the Website;

5. Agenda – shall mean a detailed programme of the Conference defined by, made available on the Website after determining some or all of the Speakers. The Agenda is indicative and is subject to change;

6. Participant – shall mean an adult natural person entitled to participate in the Conference and receive additional benefits specified in detail in Section IV of these Rules.

7. Speaker – shall mean an adult natural person authorised to give a lecture during the Conference, selected by in accordance with the procedure referred to in Section V of these Rules;

III. Terms and conditions of using the Website.

1. Using the Website and any of its functions shall require access to the Internet and the use of a standard web browser.

2. In order to ensure secure data transmission through the Website, shall apply technical and organisational measures corresponding with the level of risks related to the use of the Website.

3. Users shall not abuse the Website, in particular: - transmit any content that would cause disruption or overload of the Website or systems used by entities that participate, directly or indirectly, in the provision of services by electronic means; - transmit any content that could infringe on the personal rights of any third parties, or on any copyrights, intellectual property rights or business secrets, or that might in any other manner violate the law and order or be contrary to accepted principles of morality; - transmit any content containing computer viruses and other malicious software, such as worms, trojan horses, keyloggers or other; - transmit any content that would distribute unsolicited commercial information (SPAM) other illegal content – as well as transmit any other unlawful content.

IV. Participation in the Conference as a Participant.

1. Participation in the Conference as a Participant shall entitle each Participant to attend all lectures on the Agenda and to receive the additional benefits specified in detail in Section IV.2 of these Rules.

2. In addition, each Participant shall have the right: - to participate in coffee and lunch breaks organised by on each day of the Conference. Catering shall be provided by; - of admission to the party held by after or before the Conference.

3. Participation in the Conference as a Participant is subject to an admission fee. The admission fee shall depend on the time when the request for participation is submitted. The admission fee is indicated in the price list available in the registration form.

4. The fee referred to in Section IV.3. shall apply to one person participating in the Conference.

5. Payments for participation in the Conference may be made in Polish złoty or Euro.

6. Users shall submit notices of participation in the Conference as Participants by filling in and submitting the electronic registration form for Participants available on the Website.

7. Each Participant shall wear a Conference ID tag in a manner visible to (or shall produce them at each’s request) throughout the entire of the Conference. If the Participant does not have an ID tag, shall have the right to remove the Participant from the Conference area.

8. In the registration form for Participants available on the Platform and the Website, the User shall provide the following data: name and surname; e-mail address (please provide your direct and up-to-date e-mail address as the ticket and organisational information related to the conference, before party and after party will be sent to that e-mail address), job possition, type of lunch (normal/vegan), as well as the following details for invoicing purposes: company name, address, postal code, city/town, optionally: tax identification number (NIP). Company name and tax identification number (NIP) shall be provided for the purposes of obtaining an invoice where the submitted request concerns a company (a legal person, an organisational unit with no legal personality but having legal capacity, a natural person conducting economic activity). In the registration form, the User may also provide a discount code (if the User has received any).

9. Before submitting the registration form regarding a Participant, the User shall read these Rules and the Privacy Policy. By sending a filled in form to, the User offers to execute an agreement on participation in the Conference.

10. shall confirm the receipt of the offer by sending a registration confirmation notice through the Platform to the User’s e-mail address. Upon sending such notice to the Participant an agreement on participation in the Conference shall be deemed executed between and the Participant or the legal person represented by the User.

11. These Rules provide for the following payment methods: a. - online payment: by payment card. This form of payment shall be processed by PayPal and Tpay. b. offline payment: payment by wire transfer. In the case of an offline payment, within seven days after the registration date shall send a pro forma invoice to the User’s e-mail address. Payments for participation in the Conference shall be made by the date and to’s account number indicated in the pro forma invoice.

12. The User who paid the admission fee shall have the right to resign from participation in the Conference not later than by 31 October 2018 by sending a written statement of resignation to’s e-mail address: The deadline shall be deemed to have been met if the registered letter is sent by the deadline referred to above. In the event of resignation referred to in this Section, shall refund the User for the amount equal to paid admission fee for the Conference. The refund shall be made within 30 days, against a correction invoice accepted by the User.

13. shall allow changes to be made in the list of participants. Information on any change of Participants should be notified to not later than 5 days before the commencement of the conference. Any change of Participants shall require the User to fill in a new registration form and provide information on the change of Participants to the following e-mail address:, including the details of the persons concerned.

14. During the Conference, may make photographs and record videos. Participation in the event by each Participant shall mean that he or she consents to the use of his or her image in's information and promotional materials. Any person who does not give such consent shall inform of the fact by sending a relevant e-mail to the following address: after the registration and before the beginning of the Conference.

V. Participation in the Conference as a Speaker.

1. The Program Committee of the Conference decides about participation in the conference as a Speaker. Speakers of the Conference are persons directly invited by one of the members of the Program Committee.

2. Speakers shall award a non- exclusive license to use the materials provided to in connection with participation in the Conference – abstracts in English, the presentation provided to, and the lectures given by the Speaker during the Conference. Speakers shall also consent to the use of their image (“Rights”). The Licence shall cover: a) in respect of recording and reproduction – recording and reproduction of the Rights using any technique, including by printing, reprography, digital techniques, on all types of media, including on CDs and semi-conductor devices, as well as entering and loading the Rights in the memory of information and communication systems; b) in respect of dissemination – leasing, lending and placing on the market of any media with recorded Rights; c) in respect of dissemination otherwise than specified in item b above – making the Rights available in such a manner that any interested person can access the Rights at a place and time of their choice, displaying, broadcasting and rebroadcasting, both terrestrial and satellite, transferring the Rights by streaming, both live and on demand.

3. Speakers participating in the Conference shall also be required to register as Participants.

VI. Personal details

1. shall process the personal data of Participants and Speakers in the scope and on the terms indicated below and specified in detail in the Privacy Policy.

2. The entity acting as the Controller of personal data shall be with its registered office at Grzegórzecka 67h/34 st., 31-559 Kraków.

3. shall process personal data of Participants provided in the registration form, for the purpose of execution and performance of an agreement on participation in the Conference. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is Art. 23.1.3 of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997.

4. may process personal data of Participants for marketing purposes related to the presentation of’s and its partners’ business activities and offer, subject to such persons’ consent given by ticking the relevant box in the registration form. If registration is made on behalf of a company, for the purpose referred to above may process only personal data of the person making the registration, subject to such persons’ consent given by ticking the relevant box in the registration form. Personal data of registered Participants shall be processed based on the consent given in the form of confirmation of participation in the Conference. Giving consent by Participants to the processing of data as referred to above shall be entirely voluntary and shall not be deemed a condition for participation in the Conference.

5. Persons referred to in Section IV and V have the right to inspect and correct their personal data.

6. Save for the cases referred to above, shall disclose personal data where it is required to do so under the mandatory rules of the law.

VII. Complaints.

1. The User may lodge complaints to the following e-mail address:

2. A complaint concerning the Conference proceedings may be submitted within 14 days after the end of the Conference. A complaint shall be deemed to have been lodged on the date of receipt of such complaint by

3. Complaints lodged after the lapse of the period specified in Section VII.2. shall not be recognised.

4. shall review any complaints within 14 days after the date of their submission. If does not reply to a complaint within the deadline specified above, it shall be deemed that the complaint was granted, i.e. considered the User’s statement or request as justified.

VIII. Final provisions

1. The User agrees to the provision of these Rules in electronic form in PDF format.

2. Unless otherwise stated in these Rules, communication between and the User who submitted the registration form for a Participant or Speaker to will be carried out electronically, to the User’s e-mail address indicated in the Account settings, and to the following’s e-mail address:

3. If any provision of these Rules is deemed invalid or ineffective under the law, this shall not affect the validity or effectiveness of the remaining provisions of these Rules. To replace such invalid provision, a new provision shall be introduced which most closely reflects the purpose of the original invalid provision and these Rules as a whole.

4. The Privacy Policy constitutes an integral part of these Rules.

5. The up-to-date Rules shall be published on the Website and sent, free of charge, to the Participant at his or her each request to the e-mail address indicated by the User.

6. The date given below is the effective date of these Rules in their latest version 4.07.2018

7. reserves the right to amend these Rules. Any amendment to these Rules shall each time be notified to Users by way of a notice placed on the Website, not later than 14 days before the planned effective date of such amendment. If a User does not consent to such amendment to these Rules, he or she should notify of the fact within this period. Denial of consent to the new terms of these Rules shall be deemed as termination of the agreement referred to in art. 3841 of the Civil Code, effective as of the lapse of the deadline for lodging an objection to amendments of the Rules. Until the lapse of such period, the User shall remain bound by the previous provisions.