Pragmatic Hype-driven development

Robert Laszczak

You probably know this feeling: you are coming back from a conference, with your notebook full of great ideas, ready to change the world. Surely you know this moment when you have to face reality and see that every decision in IT is a compromise, and there are no silver bullets.

I was in the same situation. I felt that I had a solution for most problems that I faced before, and unfortunately - using these fancy methods from conferences in production comes with a lot of problems I didn’t see coming. What’s worse - there’s also the business people, who are not interested that we need another 6 weeks to make our code compatible with actual programming trends like DDD, Event Storming, CQRS, Clean Architecture, Event Sourcing or Microservices.

But there’s hope: if we use these methods pragmatically, the implementation will not be as hard and time-consuming as thought before, and it will still solve a some of our problems. Obviously, compromises must be made, but fortunately, they aren’t really that painful at the beginning of the project. For example: do we need CQRS with an async Command Bus, while all commands are completed within 10ms?

I am going to show examples of situations when we don’t need to use many new and sexy techniques when a plain good old CRUD is just enough. The insights I will be sharing don’t just reflect knowledge gained from books or blog articles, but from the experience gained within an actual project within the last year.