Our industry doesn't work. Tragicomedy in three acts

Daniel Pokusa

Our industry doesn’t work. During last 10 years of my experience I got a lot of discussions about problems in companies, recruitment process, software development, employees engagement. I did seen a lot of recurring problems myself.

Because of that during last two years I did start asking myself- why is that? Why companies try to convince us that we are one big family. And You - as a developer - should not disappoint Your family! And this means that you have to engage your heart. Everyday, during weekends, during occasional (or not) overtime. We are all in this together. Really? How do you think? Are we?

We ourselves are not saints either. Constant demands, requirements for technology, business, design, boss, color of chairs in the office. It’s so easy to change your job. Why not use this power? In the end, we are unique and privileged! Are we?

I would like to share with you thoughts on this topic. This talk will be a voice of many developers, managers, recruiters, product owners and clients I met during last two years with my comments. I would like to show you this disease without political correctness. And of course I would like to share with you my dream how can we heal our industry. Is this possible?